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Why Podcast?

I’m sure everyone can say they’ve followed someone they heard on a podcast, or bought something they heard discussed. I bought concert tickets after hearing the actor Andrew Scott on a podcast. He was talking movingly about how much the Pet Shop Boys meant to him as a kid growing up in Catholic Ireland. That sparked a feeling of nostalgia in me too.

Podcasts are obviously great places to tell stories. I actually think they’re a gift for our clients. Sometimes 30 minutes air time to tell your story and get messages across.

Every podcast we get our clients on is about honest conversations. And every producer we speak to says they want guests to speak openly and, if they can, pass on knowledge that listeners can apply to their own lives and work.

Working out how to convey a compelling personal story – whether a powerful founder story or an emotional personal one is something we spend time helping our clients do. It isn’t always easy marrying that genuine discussion with a way of bringing your company or product in to the chat. Podcast training makes up an increasing part of our media training sessions too.

William Turvill in The Times recently interviewed Steven Bartlett who discussed the success of his own podcast. The most successful of all the Diary of a CEO episodes is episode 101, the one where one of his guests, Mo Gawdat discusses how he’s learnt to be happy after the loss of his son. ‘Takeaways’ for listeners, presented in an engaging way.

Steven also makes the point that in the world of online media consumption where short form video is winning (LinkedIn is next apparently), podcasts are one of the last methods of “long form engagement content” that is really working.

We work with world class podcast producers to get clients on top podcasts, we train clients to go on podcasts. And we can produce podcast series for you.

*Pic above of last night at Pet Shop Boys in Birmingham