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Leveraging the power of data to tell compelling stories is at the heart of impactful client results!

Recently, we took our client Reposit’s claims data and transformed it into a powerful narrative, shedding light on the real-world effects of the cost of living crisis on tenants. The findings were eye-opening and had a profound impact on the discourse.

Our analysis revealed a striking surge in rental arrears, with claims skyrocketing from £1,344 in October to £2,108 in November, holding steady at £1,954 in December. During this period, the proportion of tenancies ending in arrears also climbed from 13.7% in September and October to 15.8% in November and December.

December 2023 witnessed a staggering 50% increase in rent arrears claims compared to the same month in 2022, a stark contrast to the modest 4% rise in rental prices during that timeframe.

This data-led story garnered widespread attention across the Landlord and property media, earning feature spots in reputable outlets such as Property Reporter, Letting Agent Today, Business in the News, Property Wire, and Landlord Knowledge.

It’s a testament to the impact data-driven narratives can have in shaping conversations and influencing change. Kudos to the team for turning raw data into a compelling story that resonated with both industry insiders and the wider public. Let’s continue transforming information into insights and making waves in the world of data-driven storytelling!