Our Sectors

What makes Frame PR different?

Consultation. Because we’ve worked on hundreds of businesses since the early 2000s, we’re consultants first and foremost – you can pick up the phone if you need an answer to a problem, or some fresh thinking for a campaign, and we’ll give it to you, right away. It’s part of our press office offering. Our biggest and long-standing client actually calls us ‘the ideas helpline’.

Messaging and meeting. We believe in getting under the skin, going deep, meeting face to face. We love listening and talking and understanding who you are and what your marketing goals are. Or should be.

Profiling. We can write biographies with colour which bring people and businesses alive, and we know enough journalists (hundreds) to get our clients featured on podcasts, the BBC, or the major business and trade titles. And events, webinars and more.

Content. Content is kind of a dirty word, in that it can sound transactional or perfunctory. We can write a huge variety of copy that is not just functional SEO-wise, but provides original thought and genuinely useful take-aways for people reading or consuming. It’s something you can put on your blog but also confidently get featured in media, or have us repurpose for a keynote speech with power and impact.

Accuracy. Our team of ex-journalists and experienced writers can write brilliant, detailed copy that’s right the first time. You won’t be endlessly editing and approving. We write speeches, whitepapers, and opinion articles that always get great feedback.

Social media. We firmly believe that social media shouldnt be handled by the 21 year old intern just because they’re a digital native. We craft great copy first and foremost, words that represent you in just the right way, as we know we’re ghostwriting and it has to sound like you. And then we consider reels or the look and feel afterwards. 

Collaboration. We have no ego and pride ourselves on being extremely collaborative. So we will work helpfully alongside other agencies, should you have them. We can also suggest other associates and agencies from our preferred list of marketing experts, should you need PPC, or podcast specialists for example.

Good people. You’ll have a team of at least two people, both of whom provide consultation, ideas and media know-how. We don’t hire juniors; and we don’t hire people who aren’t extremely nice to work with. We’re reclaiming ‘nice’ as a good word. We only work with nice clients as well.